Monday, March 28, 2011

Mutha Effin Bingo

Tuesday nights should be spent at Union Park for "Mutha Effin Bingo". If you haven't been, you're missing out. Get there around 8 pm, tables get claimed fast and the game starts around 8:30. Free to play, and there are prizes given away after each game and they are always dope.

"Mutha Effin Bingo" Shirts are thrown out at different times during the night as well. If B2 is rolled 2 free beers are gifted to whoever yells the loudest and if a 69 comes up it's a round of free shots for the whole bar. Also anyone who calls a fake bingo will be called a BULLSHITTER and be forced to take a shot of some shitty whiskey. Ties are decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors matches and danceoffs. The girls are hot and numerous and there are $2 beers all night. Get out there, man.

612 West 6th Street Austin, TX 78701 - (512) 478-7275
Open Tue-Sat 4pm-2am; Sun 7pm-2am


  1. Don't forget that if you get there before 7 all the burgers are $5 ... and they are some damn good burgers

  2. dude, sounds good, i wish i had access to some 2$ beers. I'd be tanked every night...

  3. shirt looks cool, but color it's just GROSS!!

    following you, nice blow by the way..!


  4. that's cool shirt ! +followed

  5. When I read your posts about all those cool events in Austin, I wish I lived there.

  6. Must have one of those shirts. MUST.

  7. $2 beers, isn't that like.. not so cheap?

    Idk, here in Belgium you can get good beers for €1 each.

    Oh right, currencies..

  8. Janky ass niggas cant promote shit. Wait til the HMK crashes one. We out here dude.