Friday, April 15, 2011



Tis the season bitchesss. The time to get ignorant whilst afloat is upon us once again. Your favorite atx DJs will be droppin dubstep and hiphop beats, while you eat and increase your BAC to unhealthy levels. 2 boats, fatty speakers, good eats, kegs, jungle drank, bottles, and tons of photos. Shit should be out there, mannnnnn. More details soon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lub this city v. 2, DaHeBeGeBeeS

While I was out and about tonight, I actually paid attention (won). Started at Peche, which is the best spot in atx if you didn't already know (review comin soon). We started kickin it with Greg, one of the most OG bartenders errer, after a few he invited us to some show down the street at Bar 121. I'll be honest, initially I went just with to humor Greg; ended up finding my new favorite band in ATX.

Literally the dopest mix of reggae, wind instruments, a fuckin bongo, multiple guitars, and a killer mc. The hip hop undertones were enough to get me pumped but the sound of the band and the future Mr. Hendrix on the guitar set me over the edge. If you got $5, hit this, if not, email us and we'll foot the tab next week if you're dope enough. (doubtful, but you should try)

Also, on the way from Peche to 121, we realized that some wonderful citizens of our baller city decided to post up a bunch of old working pianos in random places dtown, bolted them to the ground, AND you're allowed to tag the shit out of  them. Greg shocked us with his skills.

See Greg at Peche Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Catch the DaHeBeGeBeeS at 121 Bar on Tuesday nights from 8-10pm. $5 cover. (we love free at this site but this is wayyyyyy worth it for 5 bucks. (they isnt even payin me.))

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Boi Fo Free

Big Boi at Forty Acres Fest
Today, Saturday, Apr 2 7:00 PM
at University of Texas at Austin, Main Mall.

Big Boi will appear at Austin’s annual Forty Acres Fest at main mall tonight.
This shit always has legit acts. I saw The Roots there a few years ago (one of the best shows I've seen), and Girltalk last year, also real dope. During Girltalk I looked around at one point and saw an elementary school group dancing like crazy with the rest of the crowd, beach balls and confetti errywhere, someone making it rain, and drag rats trying to get on stage and failing miserably. Get out there if you can, promises to be ill.