Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Boi Fo Free

Big Boi at Forty Acres Fest
Today, Saturday, Apr 2 7:00 PM
at University of Texas at Austin, Main Mall.

Big Boi will appear at Austin’s annual Forty Acres Fest at main mall tonight.
This shit always has legit acts. I saw The Roots there a few years ago (one of the best shows I've seen), and Girltalk last year, also real dope. During Girltalk I looked around at one point and saw an elementary school group dancing like crazy with the rest of the crowd, beach balls and confetti errywhere, someone making it rain, and drag rats trying to get on stage and failing miserably. Get out there if you can, promises to be ill.


  1. I would have loved to go. + Following

  2. Met him one time. + Following, bro.

  3. Following and supporting.

    I follow and support those who do likewise.

  4. I'd digging the fresh suit.