Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talk Radio is awesome

Errytime anyone gets into my car, they think that my stereo is set to 590 AM on accident. Its not. I'm an avid talk radio listener and this man is one of the reasons anyone that is around Austin should be as well. Jeff Ward.

This is literally one of the funniest dudes on the radio. While informing you about whats going down in atx, he belittles stupid callers, offers a fairly unbiased view of everything, and most importantly he single handedly brought back the word "skank" by using it quite often. And passionately at that.

Traffic blows here, we know. But next time, instead of Facebook updating about it or honking your horn, hit up KLBJ and laugh at Jeff Ward. 590 AM 3-7 erry weekday.

Video came from http://www.youtube.com/user/590klbj. I sure as hell didnt make it.